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Electrostatic electret equipment

May 21, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the global epidemic began, and the melt-blown cloth industry took off, and many people started to make melt-blown cloth. However, as more and more people poured into the meltblown fabric market, the products of the meltblown fabrics were uneven, and the government increased its efforts to crack down on counterfeit and inferior meltblown fabrics. In the context of the melt blown fabric electrostatic electret equipment became One of the necessary supporting products for melt-blown cloth, so the electrostatic electret equipment with a price ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan rushed into the melt-blown cloth industry overnight, and the customer was also at a loss when choosing the static generator After all, how to choose the melt-blown electrostatic electret equipment and static generator?

Meltblown cloth electrostatic electret equipment

How to choose melt-blown electrostatic electret equipment and static generator? First of all, you need to know its principle? What is the structure of the melt-blown electrostatic electret equipment and electrostatic generator?

Static generator

1. The principle of melt-blown cloth electrostatic electret equipment and static generator

The base material of the meltblown cloth is polypropylene, which is a homopolymer polymer material. Because polypropylene is particularly poor in conductivity, it becomes a good electret material. Electret, "pole" refers to the charge, "elect" refers to the application. How to apply static electricity to melt-blown non-woven fabric? Simply put, high-pressure discharge, the charge is attached to polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric. Therefore, people invented the method of charging the meltblown cloth with static electricity, so that it carries a large amount of electrostatic charge, mechanical filtration + electrostatic adsorption, a thin layer can reach the expected standard, and the respiratory resistance is still small.


Meltblown cloth electrostatic electret equipment

2 Meltblown cloth electrostatic electret equipment and electrostatic generator composition structure

The static generator (ion emitter) is a special device for generating static electricity. It has the characteristics of easy installation, stable operation and large static electricity generation range. The static generator is composed of an electrostatic emitter (rod) and a DC high-voltage power supply. The DC high-voltage power supply provides a negative (or positive) high voltage to the electrostatic emitter (rod), so that the electrostatic emitter (rod) emits negative electricity (or positive electricity) and then charges the object (workpiece) (artificial charge).


Installation of static electret equipment

3. How to choose melt-blown cloth static electret equipment and static generator?

(1) Choose an electrostatic generator with high reliability and stability

The output voltage of the high-voltage generator is based on the principle of meeting the requirements. It does not necessarily pursue the market to follow the current 120KV, because excessive voltage will cause fire and breakdown, affecting the normal operation of the equipment and there are hidden safety hazards. In addition, the high-voltage power supply produced by most manufacturers on the market will cause large melting holes in the non-woven fabrics when it catches fire. In addition, under the same working conditions, the higher the voltage and current parameters that the high-voltage power supply can output, the better the effect of static electricity. The high-voltage power supply without special modification has lower output voltage and current, poor ionization effect, and non-woven fabric. The effect of pocket electricity is unsatisfactory, and these seemingly inconspicuous abnormalities will cause users headaches. Therefore, when choosing an electrostatic generator, you need to choose equipment with relatively high reliability, stability, and accuracy to help achieve continuity of production and achieve quality standards for the final product.


(2) Choose large brand electrostatic electret equipment

Buying an instrument is not buying consumer goods or consumables. Sometimes the quality of an instrument is directly related to the quality of the company's products. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a brand of a big manufacturer of electrostatic generators, after sale is guaranteed, quality is guaranteed, and any problems in the later product use process can also be resolved in time. For example, our VESD STMicroelectronics not only ensures the stability of the electrostatic generator, but also can meet the different cloth width requirements of melt-blown cloth production and provide customized services to customers. Even, the product has multiple protection functions to ensure safety and reliability in the production process.

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