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Epoxy primer

May 09, 2020

Epoxy resin

      Epoxy primer is mainly used to seal the base surface, improve adhesion, increase the fullness of the topcoat, provide anti-alkali, provide anti-corrosion functions, etc., and at the same time make the topcoat evenly absorbed.

What are the characteristics of epoxy floor primer?

Primer: coating shielding effect

Primer: strong adhesion, can save topcoat and enhance the adhesion of topcoat.

Primer: Strong anti-alkali, prevent the concrete layer from returning to alkali powder.


When should epoxy primer be used?

A:The epoxy thin coating, epoxy mortar floor, self-leveling, epoxy colored sand, epoxy anti-static floor on the concrete surface requires the construction of epoxy floor primer. The design goal of the primer is to be attached to the surface of the base layer, and to isolate the base layer from the floor layer.

The primer should be applied with full paint and not missed. A pinhole-sized leaky bottom may cause peeling and delamination.


The role of applying primer?

A2:Primer mainly has the following effects:

Sealing: The primer can seal the base layer and make the base layer firm. Some floors have strong alkalinity, and they generate pan-alkali after being soaked by moisture, water, etc. This situation causes crater-like protrusions to form on the surface of the paint film. In severe cases, a layer of alkali frost is formed on the surface of the paint film to damage the paint film. Epoxy primer can play a sealing role to alleviate this situation.

Adhesion: The primer can enhance the adhesion of the middle paint and top coat, improve the adhesion between the paint film and the base surface, and avoid the peeling of the floor.