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epoxy resin floor

May 20, 2020

Epoxy resin floor coating has many hydroxyl and ether bonds, so it can be adsorbed with the bottom material.

And the volume shrinkage of epoxy resin is low when cured, so the paint film has excellent adhesion to polar substrates such as metal, ceramics, glass, concrete, wood and so on.

Epoxy resin floor has a certain wetting force on the wet surface, especially when using polyphthalamide resin as a curing agent, it can be made into an underwater construction coating that can be squeezed out of the surface of the object and coated. Emergency repair and anti-corrosion construction of underwater structures.

The molecular weight of the epoxy resin floor itself is not high. It can be combined with various curing agents to produce solvent-free, high-solid powder coatings and water-based coatings. It meets environmental protection requirements and can obtain thick film coatings.

It uses a one-time coating process, no matter how large the area is, there is no connection seam, and it is also a dust-free material with strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, and strong hardness.


Product characteristics and applicability of epoxy resin floor

The use of epoxy underground parking lot floor paint, excellent corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion primer anti-corrosion coating for steel and ships, and other general emulsions, such as polyacrylic emulsion, water-based polyurethane coating performance and different synergies.

Two, three-layer coating system: 1, selection of materials and features: compared with the two-layer coating system, the first is to add a trowel coating and a self-leveling intermediate coating, so the A and B materials are filled with trowel on site.

The water content of the base layer is a quality assurance project of the coating project.

It is also called thin-coated epoxy floor, etc. It can also produce a good self-leveling medium-painted lacquer, which is troweled after mixing, but the information used is different.

Regarding epoxy resin floors or other floors, Zhongbang recommends that when choosing floors, the industry mainly communicates with the floor company according to its own use situation and finally decides which floor to choose.