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Epoxy resin mortar

Sep 28, 2019

HF epoxy resin mortar.

Product characteristics.

one. The mechanical properties are excellent, the bond with concrete is strong, and the high strength has the function of reinforcement and reinforcement.

two. The consolidated body has high bonding force, high compressive strength and is not limited by the shape of the structure.

(3) it has good flexibility and impact resistance, can resist the deformation caused by external force, reduce the internal stress produced by the system, and improve the adaptability of the material.

four. The thermal fat expansion coefficient is close to that of concrete, so it is not easy to open from these bonded substrates, and the durability is good.

five. The chemical property is stable, the corrosion resistance is good, has the impermeability, the frost resistance, the salt resistance, the alkali resistance, the acid corrosion resistance, and the adhesive force with many kinds of materials is very strong.

II. Scope of application.

(1). It is used for anti-impact wear, anti-cavitation and freeze-thaw protection of hydraulic structure overcurrent surface, as well as repair after damage.

(2). It is used for defect repair, reinforcement and reinforcement of ten concrete buildings.

(3) it is suitable for the treatment of cracks in beams, columns and pile caps of buildings, honeycomb, loopholes and exposed tendons on the surface of concrete structures.

(4). Suitable for aircraft runway, highway, bridge; tunnel, workshop and other engineering parts anti-wear and repair.

(5). It is suitable for the bonding of steel structure and concrete, making wear-resistant floor and leveling the bottom floor when bonded steel reinforcement and bonded carbon fiber reinforcement.

(6). Used for protection and repair of acid and alkali corrosion resistance of concrete or metal components such as chemical industry, petroleum, factory, wharf, etc.

Sewage treatment tank, acid and alkali resistance "


Chemical anticorrosion industry.

(7). It is suitable for sealing, anticorrosion, repairing, strengthening and plugging leakage of underground pipeline, hydropower station, dam foundation and so on.

III. Performance indicators.

GB50212-2014 Code for Construction of Building anticorrosion Engineering / GB50046-2008 Code for anticorrosion Design of Industrial buildings.



Compressive strength, MPa.

Epoxy Mud Epoxy mortar Epoxy concrete | Epoxy.

≥ 80.0.

Tensile strength, MH.

≥ 70.0.

≥ 60.0.

Bonding strength.

≥ 9.0.

≥ 70.

Cement and acid-resistant brick (cross method.

≥ 7.0.

≥ 3.0.

IV. Construction technology.

one. Base surface treatment.

The surface of the coagulant foundation is treated, and the milk skin on the base surface is removed.

Picture text recognition:

Cement paste surface layer or loose particles, etc., to expose a solid base, and remove surface sand particles,

Grease, etc.

Material preparation.

(1) check the outer packing, specification, model and production date of the product to ensure that the product is within the shelf life specified by the manufacturer.

(2) Open the lid of the packing barrel and check that all the components in the package are free of damage, leakage, moisture and caking.

(3) when mixing ingredients.

Construction instructions.

Lattice according to birth.

The proportion of cooperation provided by the family.

Stir evenly and apply.

1. The prepared glue should be used up within 45 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to use mortar that is not evenly mixed or has been in the initial setting state.

2. The reference dosage is about 2000gm3.

Packing storage.

The products are packed in large and small iron drums; component A is 15Kg barrel, group B is 15Kg/ barrel