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Epoxy self-leveling and epoxy colored sand floor

Jun 06, 2020

   What is the difference between epoxy self-leveling and epoxy colored sand floor, we reply from the following points:

   1. The name of raw materials and materials are different;

   2. Both prices;

   3. The advantages and construction techniques are also different.

  Self-leveling epoxy resin floor is a flat and smooth functional decorative seamless floor formed by applying colored epoxy resin paint to the ground. Strictly speaking, the self-leveling epoxy floor can produce a certain "self-leveling" effect after the epoxy resin slurry is applied in the construction process, which is the "slurry pouring integrated molding method". This kind of floor The surface is flat and smooth, clean and dustproof, with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance and durability. Strictly speaking, the thickness of true high-quality self-leveling epoxy floor is generally more than 2mm, and it is solvent-free.

       Color sand epoxy resin floor is a new type of composite decorative floor composed of seamless integration of colored quartz sand and epoxy resin. It can be freely matched with one or more different colors of colored quartz sand to form colorful decorative colors And the pattern has the advantages of elegant decorative texture, wear resistance, heavy pressure resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, anti-skid, fire prevention, waterproof and so on. It is not only suitable for industrial floors, but also for commercial and civil building floors.