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Essentials of epoxy floor paint construction in the resurgence season

Jun 06, 2020

  Changes in temperature and humidity often affect the curing of ring-nitrogen floor paint materials, which are often uncontrollable, and are also an important condition in the construction of floor paint products.

   Refers to the humidity in the air at a certain temperature. Generally, the construction cannot be carried out when the humidity exceeds 85%, because the humidity is too high, which may cause whitening, cracking and other coating defects. The humidity indicator affects the floor coating only when it is too large, but its impact is often greater than people think. If the humidity is too high, condensation will occur on the painted surface, and the condensed water will damage the curing agent and cause the coating film to whiten, lose gloss, become sticky, and stick back.

  When regaining moisture, what is the best time to apply epoxy floor paint?

The epoxy floor adopts a one-time coating process, no matter how large the area is, there will be no joints, and it will not regain moisture in spring. It is also a dust-proof and wear-resistant, with strong adhesion and resistance to certain acids and alkalis. Strong hardness and other characteristics. To solve the troubles of spring resurgence, it has been used by many domestic manufacturers.

  Basic process of epoxy floor paint coating:

   1. Primary treatment: polish away loose layers and clean the ground to make it hard and smooth;

   2. Floor primer construction: after the primer is matched with roller coating and blade coating, the coating should be thin and even, and the ground will increase adhesion after coating;

  3. Floor paint construction: mix evenly according to the proportion of gram, mix with roller coating construction process, to achieve the whole ground is seamless, flat and bright color to one;

   4. Floor topcoat construction: After the epoxy resin topcoat is evenly mixed, it is applied by roller coating construction technology to increase the wear resistance of the ground.

  When the humidity is high and the construction is rainy, if the novice needs to measure the relative humidity and dew point temperature, it is generally operated from 11 am to 8 pm, making full use of the moisture of the base surface to organize the construction.