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Flammability and shrinkage of unsaturated polyester

Jan 23, 2019

Flammability and shrinkage of unsaturated polyester

The fire resistance of unsaturated polyester is due to the use of fiberglass mostly as building materials, furniture and transportation equipment.Therefore, the use of refractory polyester resin requirements.

Flame retardant polyester resins can be divided into three categories, and additive, reactive and expansive fire retardant coating.

The specific methods are :

(1) using halogen elements as one of the components;

(2) halogen elements are combined with nitrogen elements such as phosphorus and antimony to enhance the flame resistance of unsaturated polyester resin;

(3) use water-containing polyester resin to enhance the flammability of polyester resin;

(4) add phosphating compounds to enhance the flammability of polyester resin;

(5) use inorganic fillers, especially water containing alumina.

Unsaturated polyester resin flame retardant can be alone or with the dilution of the active monomer, room temperature changes, unsaturated polyester resin flame retardant is also a change in the stems.

Non-flammable polyester resin has been put into industrial production in Europe, America and Japan, accounting for about 50% of the output of polyester resin.There is no problem of folding polyester resin in China's industrial production process.

The shrinkage rate of unsaturated polyester resin reached 7~8% after curing, which directly affected the product quality and appearance.In this way, the quality and appearance of polyester resin can not meet our requirements.The main way to produce low shrinkage polyester resin is to add thermoplastic polymer such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polymethacrylate, DAP polyester, etc.

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