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French VoltAero's new aircraft composite application will revolutionize general aviation

May 18, 2020

composite application

According to VoltAero (Medis, France), the company successfully launched a mass-produced configuration of Cassio aircraft on May 6. The company claims that this aircraft is the company ’s hybrid module to provide efficient, safe and The optimized aircraft series will revolutionize general aviation.

Casio is based on an aerodynamically optimized fuselage with forward fixed wing and rear wing. The wing has double booms to support a high level tail. Casio also uses VoltAero's hybrid power module in the rear fuselage "pusher", the cluster of integrated electric motors and the high-performance internal combustion engine used as the range extension. At present, the powertrain has been verified on VoltAero's Cassio 1 flight test aircraft.

Jean Botti, CEO and CTO of VoltAero, said: "Cassio production design is the latest step in our highly pragmatic development of a new aircraft series. This is thanks to our team's unparalleled experience in the field of hybrid electric aviation and ongoing The comprehensive flight test eliminates our risk of entering the production stage. "

The Casio series has a performance range of 800 miles, a cruising speed of 200 knots, and can rotate approximately 8 revolutions per day. Suitable for a variety of applications, including private use, air taxi / charter services, commercial flights for point-to-point area travel, and other applications. The aircraft will also be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) CS23 specification and is a single-engine, general aviation aircraft.

VoltAero will provide three versions of the aircraft, each of which is highly modular and versatile:

Casio 330 (Cassio 330), four-seat configuration, driven by a hybrid power of 330 kW;

Casio 480, equipped with six seats and 480 kilowatts of hybrid propulsion power;

The Casio 600 has a capacity of 10 seats and a hybrid propulsion power of 600 kW.

Casio aircraft will be produced on a dedicated assembly line in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in southwestern France. The first batch of deliveries is targeted at the end of 2022, starting with Cassio 330.