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FRP composite shower tray

Mar 11, 2019

FRP composite shower tray
The shower trays of different materials have their own characteristics. The FRP composite shower tray is a kind of new shower tray. The FRP composite shower tray completely eliminates the leakage problem between the bathrooms, making the waterproofing of the floor an extra process. It overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional bathroom being easy to leak and mold, and has the advantages of not having to raise the height of the bathroom floor and not relying excessively on the experience of the construction personnel. FRP composite shower tray has the characteristics of fire resistance, moisture resistance, firm material, friendly skin feeling, long service life, light weight, high strength, smooth and firm, antibacterial, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The FRP composite shower tray has a large degree of freedom in design, and the design of the drainage slope makes the water in the bathroom flow rapidly to the ground, and there is no local water accumulation. The phenomenon of damp, odor and mildew in the traditional bathroom was completely removed. The FRP composite shower tray is produced by SMC composite molding technology. SMC composite is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound, namely sheet molding compound. The main raw materials are composed of GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additive, MD (filler) and various additives. It first appeared in Europe in the early 1960s, and around 1965, the United States and Japan developed this process. In the late 1980s, China introduced advanced SMC production lines and production processes. SMC composites have the following advantages:

1, environmental green
SMC composite is a halogen-free, non-hazardous substance. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material that meets the needs of future green development.

2, chemical corrosion resistance
SMC composites have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, seawater, etc., while metal materials are not resistant to acid and corrosion.

3, lightweight and strong
Specific strength and specific modulus are one of the indicators to measure the bearing capacity of materials. The specific modulus of SMC composites is comparable to that of steel, but its specific strength can reach 4 times that of steel.

4, fire retardant performance is good
SMC composite fire retardant; tested by the national authority as a Class B non-combustible material.

5, good heat resistance
SMC composites have the ability to maintain their physical properties in harsh high temperature environments. The operating temperature ranges from minus 60 degrees to 150 degrees and the heat distortion temperature is above 280 degrees.

6, low thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient
When there is a temperature difference, the thermal stress generated is much smaller than that of the metal, and the heat preservation performance is good.

7, excellent anti-aging properties
SMC composites have excellent anti-aging properties. The anti-aging performance test shows that the surface has a large aging thickness of less than 50 μm in 20 years.

8, long service life
The history of use in Europe can prove that its service life is at least 30 years; the simulated aging test shows that its service life is more than 20 years.

9, high production efficiency
It is produced by a press molding process with high productivity, short molding cycle, and easy mechanization and automation.
Therefore, SMC composite material is the ideal processing material for the shower room bottom basin, and then the glass fiber reinforced plastic composite shower base basin is produced through the molding process. The SMC composite material is placed in the mold cavity of the metallurgical composite. Under a certain temperature and pressure, hold pressure for a certain period of time. A glass fiber reinforced plastic composite shower base product is obtained.

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