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FRP sculpture

Sep 29, 2019

FRP sculpture is a kind of product type of sculpture, which has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and relatively low cost. Also known as FRP, science known as fiber reinforced plastics, domestic habitually called FRP. It is a composite data which is composed of synthetic resin as matrix data and glass fiber and its products as reinforcement data.

FRP manufacturing technology: before the products are manufactured, the goods to be manufactured are molded with specific mud data to be manufactured, and after the clay manuscript is finished, the plaster mold is reproduced. The glass fiber reinforced plastic (that is, the connection between the resin and the glass wire cloth) is then painted on the inside of the outer mold. After it is dry, the external mold is opened, and the FRP sculpture is obtained through the mold closing procedure.However, FRP sculpture also has the defects of deformation, weakness and cracking.

According to the understanding of the shape Conception Sculpture Company of our country, with the urban environment paying more attention to the interior of civilization, a kind of interest based on folk civilization and life, fiberglass sculpture continues to appear in public places, becoming a bright spot in the decoration of urban environment.

Interest sculpture is a variety of urban cast copper city sculpture genre. Its characteristics are that it has a large arbitrariness of invention, a wide degree of freedom, and a large space for imagination. Its idea mainly comes from the interesting things in the folk days and the actual recording or slightly exaggerated embodiment of the action and manner in the process of homework, work, leisure, acquaintance, entertainment and even play. Its image is vivid and popular with everyone. As far as interest in sculpture is concerned, the technical works of giant sculpture have also been paid more and more attention. Into a bright spot in the city.

Decorative sculpture is a large number of urban sculptures, this kind of sculpture is more relaxed, pleasant, bring people the enjoyment of beauty, also known as sculpture sketches. It is specifically proposed here as a category because it is becoming more and more important in our days. Its primary intention is to beautify your day space, it can be as small as a day utensils, as large as street sculptures. It embodies a wide range of contents and colorful forms. It invents a comfortable and beautiful environment, which can purify everyone's mind, edify everyone's interest, and cultivate everyone's search for good things. Most of the garden sketches we usually talk about are this kind of sculpture.

The development of fiberglass sculpture has gradually sought the day and civilization, the real reason for the completion of fiberglass sculpture lies in our days and the needs of development, in the past, people continue to seek the quality of the day and food and clothing questions. When these questions about food, clothing, shelter and transportation are no longer in doubt, then the level of seeking will rise to the level of energy civilization.

The development of the life of FRP sculptures has become our request from the beginning to the end of these years, which is the crux of the matter. In order to complete these processes and policies, that is, to solve the problems of material basis, and then to the top of FRP sculptures, It is so necessary to have a special definition of our own standards and planning, and these guidelines are also tailor-made for our days, and this is what we really mean. On the FRP sculpture development day service is also we need to understand the nature of these aspects, the real can reach some full sensitivity has a different definition of the completion of the development.

FRP sculpture