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FRP simulation sculpture, do you have a favorite model?

Oct 13, 2019

FRP simulation sculpture, do you have a favorite model? The modeling ability of FRP sculpture is very strong, and all kinds of styles can be made. There are animal simulation sculpture, fruit simulation sculpture and landscape simulation sculpture, of which animal simulation sculpture is the most. You can carry out simulation sculpture modeling according to your needs, specifically below and Duke Industrial FRP products Factory to understand the customized FRP simulation sculpture.

FRP simulation sculpture

This FRP duck simulation sculpture, a big duck with three ducklings, looks no different from the real duck from afar. Do you think it looks like it?

FRP simulation sculpture2

Fiberglass pigeon simulation sculpture, pigeon partners in the grass beach hee, looks lifelike, a variety of pigeon state one by one in front of our eyes.

FRP simulation sculpture3

Fiberglass cattle simulation sculpture, a cement standing on the grass, as if thinking about something, the cow's appearance incisively and vividly, and the environment into one.

FRP simulation sculpture4

Glass fiber reinforced plastic ladybug simulation sculpture, red, yellow, pale blue ladybugs lying on the grass in the sun, ladybug family is having fun.