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Future Development trend of Underground parking lot

Sep 24, 2019

The future development trend of underground parking lot the number of private cars is increasing day by day, the configuration of garage is more and more important for the experience of the building, high quality garage is the first impression of buyers entering the house. So, what is the current situation of underground parking lots? In the future, in what direction will the underground parking lot develop? This article will tell you about the future development trend of underground parking.
I. the present situation of the Development of Underground parking lots.
Summer is a little cold, usually a little dark, the ground a little pit, looking for a car a little bit obsessive, driving a little dangerous. This sentence is a vivid expression of the status quo of most underground garages. Most of the parking facilities have a single tone, and the planning of parking guidance system is not scientific and reasonable. However, most of the underground parking lots used for a long time and high frequency are faced with multiple hidden dangers, such as wall seepage, mildew, ground cracking and so on.
In recent years, from the development practice of many projects, we found that there are many unreasonable problems in the design of underground parking lot, such as large lane width, unreasonable driving mode and so on. In addition, the distribution of parking facilities is not uniform and the prediction of parking demand is not accurate, resulting in the low utilization rate of some parking lots. Parking space gap is a difficult problem to solve in the short term, but management confusion is another important factor leading to "parking difficulty and parking disorder". In order to improve the experience of car owners, the development of intelligent underground garage is an inevitable trend.
II. The Development trend of Underground parking lots in the Future.
With the progress of science and technology and the contradiction between parking supply and demand, the demand for intelligent transformation in the field of parking is still sufficient, reflecting the future orientation of "smart city". The direction of the future development of the industry is mainly reflected in four aspects: unmanned, connected, humanized and customized.
(1) unmanned.
Due to the improvement of the cost of human resources and the maturity of technology development, with reference to the development experience of foreign countries, the degree of automation of parking lots will be higher and higher, and managers will gradually reduce, until the realization of unattended, self-help payment of unmanned services.
(2) networking.
The networking of parking lot is reflected in the management and control of parking lot through the network to share data, in order to break the isolated island of information, build intelligent parking Internet of things platform, coordinate urban static traffic, and realize the data sharing of the whole city and even the whole country. (3) humanization.
In the design of parking lot intelligent management system, engineering developers are more based on convenience and the safety of vehicle personnel. The humanized design of parking lot management system is mainly reflected in the following points:
First, the mobile phone to achieve parking booking, payment, car search and other functions.
Second, the humanized business model based on parking big data will be further popularized, such as consumer discount management, VIP points management and so on.
Third, based on the accurate induction of parking spaces, to achieve long-distance card reading, fast access and other functions.
(4) customization.
The software and hardware requirements of the system are also different in the underground parking lot in different application fields. Take the underground parking lot supported by commercial real estate as an example, customers generally require the parking lot intelligent management system to be able to access the customer's internal information management system. To meet its customer points management exchange, internal in and out of customer data analysis, management reports and other management requirements.
In the case of the increasing promotion of intelligent transportation construction and the continuous expansion of market demand, parking related products not only need to be able to meet the simple vehicle access, but also need to be able to meet the diversified parking needs for different parking scenarios. The popularization and application of underground intelligent parking technology is one of the important ways to solve and develop static traffic in China in the future.