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Glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tank

Jan 22, 2018

FRP winding tank selection must be appropriate, material selection should insist on quality first, taking into account the price of the principle. In the actual production of glass fiber reinforced plastic tank tank wall structure is generally lining, strength and outer layer. Due to the different roles of each layer, there are differences in material selection. The inner liner is in direct contact with the media and its material selection is correct or not, which plays a key role in controlling the seepage of the wound storage tank.

Storage of acidic medium is usually selected vinyl resin, the storage of alkaline medium using bisphenol A type resin, such as 197 # resin, requires water tank is recommended, such as 189 # resin. Requires storage tank alkali, water-resistant alkali-free glass fiber, acid with alkali glass, the lining is the use of surface mat, chopped strand mat together to enhance, in order to increase the amount of plastic, and enhance impermeability.

The strength of the main reservoir to meet the strength and stiffness requirements. Material selection should take full account of the resin matrix must be wound with the glass fiber has a good infiltration in order to form a dense structural layer; the outer surface of the direct contact with the external environment, according to anti-aging requirements of the material.

Assembly quality requirements: FRP winding tank leakage sometimes appear in the assembly joints, which is due to improper assembly. Assembly, the head and the cylinder liner must be good docking. It is recommended to install the assembly ring at the overlapping inner diameter to ensure that the butt joint is smooth. Inside and outside the joint at full grinding, grinding width of not less than 300mm. The seam is then treated with glassfiber mat and resin. Based on this, the inner and outer seams are again pasted, and the requirements for laying can refer to the manufacturing method of the inner lining.