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High-quality epoxy adhesive, the darling of construction engineering

Jun 05, 2020

The main raw material epoxy resin in the epoxy adhesive has excellent adhesive properties, mechanical properties and chemical stability. Epoxy adhesives are mostly used in construction projects. At present, they have become an important building structural material and participate in all aspects of engineering construction and maintenance. So what are its advantages? Hansi Editor will tell you:

       1. Use epoxy adhesive to connect and reinforce components, which are evenly stressed than ordinary riveting and welding methods, and the material will not cause stress concentration (such as thermal stress during welding), making it more resistant to fatigue, especially better To ensure the integrity of the component and improve crack resistance, and the integrity is basically related to the bearing capacity and stability of the component.

       2. Epoxy adhesive can firmly connect materials with different properties, which is also an advantage that traditional methods cannot match.

       3. Use epoxy adhesive for construction. The process is simple and can greatly shorten the construction period. It can often be used within 1-2 days or less, especially in the reinforcement of various components, which can not be strengthened by some traditional methods. The components can be repaired and strengthened; it is particularly important for certain important military projects and transportation facilities. And it has excellent aging resistance and can meet various requirements; it can also improve efficiency, reduce costs and save energy during construction.