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High temperature unsaturated polyester resin

Feb 26, 2019

Using advanced chemical reaction technology and precise process control with a microcomputer, many emerging unsaturated polyester systems have been developed. For example, Owens-corning has developed a variety of long-term working temperatures up to 177 ° C in a re-corrosive environment. It is used in the manufacture of baking-resistant cookware, only 232 ° C is not yellow, and there is a reinforced RIM system of unsaturated polyester, which can be used as a variety of structural elements.

DSM has newly developed two kinds of modified unsaturated polyesters, which have H-class heat-resisting properties. After aging at 190H at 180°C, the original mechanical properties are more than 50%. It can be used for heat resistance of 150~200°C. On one occasion, one of the grades is Aynolite tp970VG. This resin is an unsaturated polyester modified with a polyester skeleton, and can be cured in the same manner as ordinary unsaturated polyester, and can be used as an electrical insulating laminate and an insulating panel for automobiles.

Teijin has developed a modified unsaturated polyester UP-RLMR which has low viscosity, excellent processability and heat resistance, and non-reinforced products and enhanced product temperature resistance of 170 ° C and 300 ° C, respectively.