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How about quartz stone? What's good?

May 18, 2020

Of all the furniture, which one is the most expensive?


Why are cabinets expensive?

Because many parts of the cabinet need to be damp and impermeable, but also resistant to high temperatures.

Quartz - Polar black

Polar black

Therefore, every decorator is always careful about the choice of countertops. However, quartz stone is not only used as a countertop, but can also be used in floors, bathrooms, walls and other places. However, the price of quartz stone is slightly higher than other surface materials.

Why is quartz stone good?

Quartz - Hulk White

Hulk White

01  Super hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance,anti-cracking, environmental protection and less radiation

Quartz crystals are natural minerals with a hardness second only to diamonds in nature. Their hardness can be as high as 7.5 on the Mohs scale. The quartz content in quartz slabs is as high as 93% and the density is high pressure.

Quartz - Fantasy whiteFantasy white

02  Fine structure, anti-fouling and anti-leakage,non-toxic and no radiation

The quartz stone surface material board after high-pressure setting adopts a non-porous structure, which is effectively resistant to dirt, acid and alkali, and easy to clean. It also makes bacteria nowhere to hide and can be in direct contact with food, safe and non-toxic. The high-quality quartz stone slab uses natural quartz sand, and is purified and removed during the manufacturing process. Only quartz stone and resin additives are reported to ensure that the quartz stone has no radiation pollution.

Quartz-Cannes GreyCannes Grey

03  Natural soft light, moisturizing texture,various patterns

The production of quartz stone slabs undergoes multiple high-pressure, polishing and grinding treatments, plus natural hardness and fine structure, which leads to quartz stones having the characteristics of fearless oxidation, long-lasting use and long-lasting gloss. Incorporating pigments and high-quality resins, quartz slabs have a variety of colors and patterns, delicate textures, rich texture changes, can be luxurious, high-end, or simple and meticulous, there are more possibilities for decorative applications.

Quartz-Castle GreyCastle Grey

04  Strong high temperature resistance, flame retardant

Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material. Its melting point is above 1300 degrees. The quartz stone plate made of 93% natural quartz is completely flame-retardant and will not burn due to high temperature. It also has unmatched resistance to countertops such as artificial stone. High temperature characteristics.

Quartz-Crystal sand grayCrystal sand gray

Why is Neweco quartz stone more popular?

Because Neweco quartz stone not only has the characteristics of super hardness, anti-moisture and stain resistance, non-toxicity, diverse patterns, but also more excellent performance.

Quartz-Pink goldPink glod

Neweco owns high-quality mines, selects environmentally friendly high-quality quartz sand, builds high-quality resin production bases, uses environmentally friendly resins, and realizes full-process intelligent production of products.

Neweco has a full-process "Industry 4.0" intelligent factory, the production process ensures environmental protection, and product quality is strictly controlled according to the process.Quartz-Silkworm white

Silkworm white

The product has passed various international professional qualification certifications such as NSF, SGS, CE, etc. It is environmentally friendly and safe, and can be in direct contact with food!

At the same time, Neweco quartz stone adds imported pigments, anti-oxidation color change, plus top equipment, 26 layers of process monitoring to ensure high quality and high efficiency.

Quartz-Truffle whiteTruffle white

Among decorative surface materials, quartz slate is not the most common,

But it is the most suitable.

Neweco quartz stone, not only on the countertop,

Create an artistic space and enjoy quality life.