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How do you know how to prevent epoxy floor from discoloration?

Sep 18, 2019

The reasons for the discoloration of epoxy floor are as follows:
A, the weather resistance of the material is not good, receive the sun exposure will turn yellow;
B. The high acid value of the varnish reacts with the stored iron bucket, which makes the color darker.
C. The difference of pigment density leads to the subsidence of the high density and the increase of the density, which leads to the stratification of the pigment.
D, the coating itself has a qualitative change, so that the inherent coloring power is reduced, resulting in fading or color change;
E. Metal powder pigments are corroded by residual free acids, resulting in dark green pigments;
Floor paint manufacturers introduce four solutions:
1. The floor paint should be stirred for a long time when it is used.
2. Metal pigments and varnishes should be stored separately to avoid corrosion.
3. Select resins and pigments as needed, such as acrylic floor paint with good light and heat resistance. UV resistant polyurethane floor paint;
4. It is best not to use iron drums for coatings with high acidity.
1. Due to the different densities of several pigments in epoxy multi-color paint, the heavy pigments will sink gradually and the light pigments will float gradually during storage. Therefore, if the use of not fully stirred evenly, epoxy floor coating in the painting, the floor coating will not match the primary color. This is easy to solve, as long as the paint should be fully stirred before construction.
2. If the metal powder pigment is corroded by the residual free acid in epoxy paint during storage, it is easy to turn black or turn green. Therefore, metal pigments and varnishes should be packed and stored separately.
3. The varnish with higher acid value in epoxy floor coating is easy to react with iron packing barrel, which reduces the transparency of epoxy varnish and darkens the color. Do not pack paint with higher acid value.
4. The heat resistance and light resistance of individual pigments are not good, some resins have poor weather resistance, and are prone to yellowing, especially in epoxy resin coatings. It is necessary to select the resin and filler pigment in the coating ratio according to the need.
5. Some of the pigments in epoxy floor paint will produce sonochemical changes, lose the inherent coloring power of the pigments, and cause discoloration or discoloration. Therefore, when designing paint formulations, we should be careful not to use fillers that can produce sound and chemical changes with resins or main agents. Before the construction of epoxy floor, the different types of coatings were mixed and mixed before the construction of epoxy floor.