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How to determine the lighting tile resin quality ?

Feb 26, 2019

Based on the important role of lighting resin, we need to consider all aspects when selecting resin products, and to consider the product quality to the greatest extent. So how do you judge the quality of its products? We need to focus on the following aspects.

Judging factor one, the toughness of lighting resin

High-quality lighting tiles do not have problems such as cracking, and they can also be well matched with color steel plates, with uniform thickness and uniform shape. In addition, the specifications are relatively complete, and different transmittances can be freely selected according to actual needs.

Judging factor two, judging from appearance

Judging from the appearance of the resin is also a good idea. If it is a good lighting board, its appearance is very smooth, there will be no obvious bubbles, no cracks. Moreover, even if used for a long time, it will not change color or yellow. After the light is transmitted, it is scattered and the light is soft.

In addition to the above two major factors, in the selection of lighting resin, we also need to consider its performance-related indicators, as well as the retention of light transmittance, as well as the ability of the lighting board to resist UV rays, of course, The strength requirement for stretching. The tensile strength is not only the project that the lighting board needs to be monitored, but also has clear requirements in many different materials. Only by taking all of the above factors into consideration can we truly select the most suitable resin material.