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How to maintain fiberglass sculpture works of art

Sep 29, 2019

FRP manufacturer-FRP sculpture works of art should be maintained in this way! In particular, in public places of modern urban life, we like to put on all kinds of fiberglass sculptures. No matter what products are used for a period of time, we should pay attention to maintenance, as well as fiberglass sculptures.Below, together with the editor to learn about the maintenance of fiberglass sculpture works of art. 

Matters needing attention in cleaning FRP Sculpture:

fiberglass sculpture works of art1

First sweep away the dust from the fiberglass sculpture with a clean feather duster. Wipe it clean with a clean rag.

If there is a stain on the surface of the sculpture, you can gently peel off the dirt with a shovel knife. If there are related technologies, some materials containing ionic surfactants can also be used to remove some common pollution from stone.When cleaning, avoid cleaning stone carvings with corrosive detergents, and avoid destroying the surface of the sculptures, especially acidic or alkaline detergents must be used carefully.

Maintenance of FRP Sculpture works of Art.
1. Sculpture collections should be protected from the sun, wind and dust; Much dust will damage the natural charm of the work, so it is best to be placed in the glass cupboard, which is not only convenient for viewing but also conducive to preservation, while the stone carving art, as an outdoor decoration, has to deal with the dust on its surface regularly.

two。. Can be used to seal wax maintenance, that is, printing stone, printing carving heating after coated with a thin layer of wax, polished with a soft cloth. For some stone carvings that have been collected for a long time and have "faded", they can be washed with warm water, dried, hair dryer warmed, wax sealed and polished.

3. Sculptures should avoid corrosive liquids, avoid violent collisions, and maintain the lasting brilliance of their appearance.