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How to maintain quartz stone sink?

Jun 01, 2018

How to maintain quartz stone sink?

In recent years, quartz stone sinks have become the choice of many high-end families because of their “high value” and “connotation”, “high face value” - beautiful appearance, novel atmosphere, “connotation”—compression and prevention, High temperature corrosion resistance, easy care. Quartz stone sinks have the advantage of being incomparable with traditional sinks, so they have become popular and popular.

Although the quartz stone sink is easy to handle, it is always worthwhile to look after new products in daily use. Tell us how to maintain the quartz stone sink today?


1. Wash the water tank frequently and keep it dry when not in use. The retained water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposition. Generally, low concentration vinegar solution can be used to remove such deposits. Finally, the water can be completely cleaned.

2. Wet dishwashing sponges or other cleaning pads are left in the sink for a long period of time. High-iron-content water may cause brownish red coloration marks on the surface.

3. Minimize the use of silver-containing detergents or other cleaning products containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid.

4. Use less rough items or steel balls to clean the sink. This can easily scratch the sink and cause spots in the sink.

5. Do not dip kimchi, mayonnaise, or other foods rich in salt and foods that can easily contaminate the sink, such as tea, coffee, juice, etc., into the sink for a long period of time. If it is stained with water, it should be cleaned immediately.

6. Do not use scouring wire, abrasive sheet or abrasive material to clean the sink.

7. Do not use the sink as a cutting board. The sink should only be used for the purpose that it should be used.

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