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How to maintain resin crafts?

May 29, 2020

The continuous growth of the home accessories industry has also brought unlimited potential to the market, and it has also brought vitality to resin crafts. In the era of highly developed material life and spiritual life, the experiential marketing of life and the promotion of the overall household model , So that the jewelry has become a pivotal supporting role from a role of running a dragon, even can be said to be the second protagonist. Resin crafts can not only show individuality, but also can easily increase the "taste" of home through modification.

resin crafts

There are many types of resin crafts, all kinds of beautiful and realistic figures, animals, kuniao, landscape bonsai relief, etc., and can be made into imitation copper, imitation silver, imitation gold, imitation glaze, gold paste, gold plating, imitation crystal, imitation Agate, imitation jade, imitation bone carving, imitation sandstone, imitation white jade, imitation jade, imitation ivory, imitation marble, imitation mahogany, imitation pottery, imitation wood and other effects.

As we all know, resin crafts are not as popular as daily necessities. An exquisite resin handicraft is not enough to be bought and placed there for viewing, but it needs to master certain cultivation methods to make it stick to its original appearance for a longer time.

A cotton towel dipped in some walnut kernel oil and rubbing lightly on the surface of resin crafts can also achieve the desired effect. In fact, to avoid the trouble of cleaning, stick to the original state of resin crafts, the best way is to cover the resin crafts with a glass cover, and put a small glass of water in the cover.

Resin crafts are most afraid of sun exposure, so they must not be placed in direct sunlight, otherwise it may cause cracking after a long time. Resin crafts should not be placed in extremely humid places. In very humid environments, some resins will grow moldy due to the material. If you have high-end resin artwork in your home, you can put it on the furniture of the living room to ensure that it is not exposed to the sun.

Many people who buy resin crafts or root carved resin crafts like to wipe with a wet rag. If you often use a wet rag to wipe, the water will penetrate into the resin, and the resin will gradually be damaged. Therefore, dry cotton cloth or feather duster can be used for cleaning Dust away the dust on the resin crafts. If you find that the gloss of the resin crafts is not good, you can use a brush to apply the glazing wax to the appearance of the resin crafts, wipe it with a rag and polish it, or use wax or grease Wipe the fabric.