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how to pour clear resin

May 29, 2018
  1. how to pour clear resin

  2. Preparation work

Prepare one, 5 kg, condiment (or plastic), stir food (or bamboo chopsticks), small spoon (plastic, aluminum, porcelain spoon).

Two. Mixing material

According to the size of the mold and the quantity of the products, the unsaturated resin is first weighed out, then poured into the seasoning barrel, and then the curing agent is pressed.

(): the ratio of (accelerant) is added. First, the curing agent is added to the unsaturated resin, then fully stirred (), and then the accelerator is added.

Stir, mix thoroughly and add diluted (STIR) and then add ingredients according to the desired color.

The addition and subtraction of the species can reach the required level until the pigment is generally used. When the pigment is added, the pigment is opened with resin.

Stir the mixture evenly, pour it into the barrel and stir it well. Add the base material and add it with the stirring.

To the extent required. (the blended mixture should be sticky, scoop up and scoop down slowly.

Three. Reverse mold

The mold should be placed flat, and the mold surface should be cleaned so that it can be poured. Scoop a spoon with a small spoon for casting

One scoop slowly poured in, not to be dumped, should be poured from the highest point to make it flow naturally, so that bubbles can be squeezed away, otherwise, after finished products.

There will be an air hole. Note that when pouring into the mold, it can not overflow the periphery of the mold. After pouring out the periphery, it should be cleaned and removed immediately. Otherwise, it needs to be processed again after molding.