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How to remove the glue that many people don't know

May 16, 2020

Epoxy resin separation

For small areas of bonding and fixing, such as porcelain, jade, historical relics, etc., bonding is done, but what if I am not satisfied? Can the glue be removed and re-bonded? Maybe it can.

Different adhesives have different bonding mechanisms. If there are problems such as misalignment and overflow of the bonded surface, the adhesive needs to be disassembled and re-bonded.

Different adhesives are handled differently.

The epoxy resin glue can be heated with a hot air gun to match the tool, so that the glue joint surface is misaligned, and the glue removal is completed by the method of softening the organic solvent such as acetone and Tianna water.

For instant dry glue, you can use the reaction between the commercially available degumming agent and glue. For the degumming agent can not complete the degumming, you can use a hot air gun heating and appropriate tools to displace the bonding surface to complete the degumming.

High-concentration acrylic resin glue can be repeatedly wiped the gap with absorbent cotton dipped in ethyl acetate, so as to infiltrate until dissolved.