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How to solve problems of sanitary resin application ?

Nov 14, 2018

sanitary resin


1.Burning in cylinder

●Cause: the temperature is high

●Solution:The curing temperature of resin can be reduced by reducing curing ratio or increasing filling component.It can also be made in two or more times to reduce the heating temperature.


●Cause: The dosage of cobalt water and methyl ethyl ketone is too high, resulting in the high curing temperature of the resin.

●Solution:Adjust the curing ratio


2.The resin corrodes the plates

●Cause: Plate is lower hardness or plate is thinner

●Solution:Replace the plate with a higher hardness or sweep a layer of resin at the thinner diamond Angle, to play the role of protective layer


3.Product surface sticky

●Cause: incomplete curing of resin

●Solution: increase the ratio of resin curing, especially in cold or wet weather.


●Cause: stone powder, fiber and other auxiliary materials are affected by moisture

●Solution: for the storage of auxiliary materials, make sure they are not wet or damp. When the weather is humid, the material can be baked before use.





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