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How to solve the cracking problem in the production of resin crafts

May 29, 2020

In the production of white billets by manufacturers, after the product is demolded and left for a period of time, the phenomenon of cracking of the product is called cracking. In actual production, resin handicraft manufacturers divide the cracking problem into two types: one is the cracking of the product during the demolding process. The cause of this problem is caused by the slow post-curing of the resin or the improper demolding. The other is the cracks that appear after the product is demolded at the beginning. This situation is very rare, but it is more likely to occur when the product structure is complex.


During resin curing, there will be volume shrinkage. At the same time, because resin curing is an exothermic process, there will be thermal expansion and contraction. In both cases, the resin will be cured, which will cause a relatively large Internal stress, cracks will occur in parts with complex product structure, relatively large dimensional changes, and small and small parts. To prevent this problem, you should start from the following aspects:

1. Select some resins with higher concentration. Generally speaking, under a certain resin production formula, the resin concentration is higher and the solid content is higher.

2. Improve the operation process. We can consider using a resin with a slower curing speed, which can reduce the internal stress of crafts and avoid cracks. You can also refer to the partial treatment methods to prevent deformation for operation.

(1) For hollow products, air holes are reserved to prevent the product from bursting due to the increased air pressure inside the product due to the temperature increase. Products that require a back cover can only be sealed after the product is cured.

(2). Add silicone oil properly to open the mold to increase the elasticity of the silicone mold to prevent the product from being damaged when demolding due to the mold being hard.

(3) Place reinforcing ribs in the easy-cracking parts, such as: iron wire, bamboo sticks, off-duty fiber wire, etc., to increase its strength.

(4) When designing products, try to avoid the rapid curing of the size. The corners and other places should be as smooth as possible to avoid stress concentration.


There are many problems in the process of producing handicrafts. In this process, resin handicraft manufacturers must strictly follow the operating rules, and they must constantly find out how to reduce the defects in production, so as to be better in the field of handicrafts One floor