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How to solve the problem of brittleness of epoxy floor paint after curing

Sep 19, 2019

Epoxy floor paint is the most widely used floor paint material in the market. Epoxy floor paint construction is convenient, room temperature drying, cured paint film hardness, good adhesion, with cement, wood, metal have good adhesion, the coating has good wear resistance and impact resistance. However, the improper use of epoxy floor paint will also appear after the construction of paint film brittle phenomenon, can not give full play to its decorative effect, so, how to solve this problem?
First. cause analysis:
1. The temperature at the construction site is high. All the best construction temperature is 10-35 ℃, if the construction site temperature is too high, will lead to the floor paint curing speed is too fast, resulting in brittleness of the paint film.
2. The ratio is not accurate. When blending, the curing agent should be added strictly according to the ratio, and the incorrect amount of curing agent will lead to brittleness of the paint film.
3. Not stirred evenly. Epoxy floor paint material is not fully stirred after adding curing agent according to the ratio, resulting in uneven local curing agent, resulting in brittleness of the paint film after curing.
4. Improper selection of curing agent.
Second, how to prevent the problem of brittleness of paint film?
1. Pay attention to the construction site temperature, especially in the hot summer, we should avoid the high temperature period of construction.
2. It is suggested that electronic scales should be used in the blending of floor paint, and the materials should be mixed strictly according to the proportion.
3. The mixing of floor materials should be fully stirred evenly. It is recommended to use a mixer.
4. When selecting the curing agent, we must use the matching curing agent, so as not to cause other problems because the curing agent is not matched.