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Industry Application of Epoxy Resin Composite Extruded products

Oct 07, 2019

1) the field of electrical engineering is the most widely used field at present, and it is one of the key points of development. Such as transformer air conduit positioning rod, high voltage insulator mandrel, high voltage cable protection tube, cable rack, insulation ladder, insulation pole, track guard board, cable sub-frame, motor parts and so on. 

2) the field of chemical anticorrosion is the fastest growing field in recent years. Typical products such as: pipe network support structure, sucker rod, downhole pressure pipeline, wastewater treatment equipment, chemical baffle, chemical, petroleum, paper, metallurgical and other factory railings, stairs, platform handrails, grille floor and so on. 

3) the field of building structure is mainly used in light structure, upper structure of high-rise structure or special purpose structure.Such as movable house structure, door and window structure profile, truss, light bridge, railing, tent support, ceiling structure, large boron structure and so on. 

4) sports and entertainment fields such as fishing poles, hockey sticks, skis, pole vaults, bows and arrows, etc. 

5) transportation fields such as car shelves, truck frames, refrigerated carriages, car springs, luggage racks, bumpers, decks, electric train track guards, etc. 

6) the energy field is mainly used in solar collector bracket, wind turbine blade, oil well conduit and so on. 

7) Aeronautics and astronautics, such as aircraft and spaceship antenna insulation tube, spacecraft motor parts, aircraft composite I-beam, slot beam and square beam, aircraft tension rod, connecting rod and so on.