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Installation and use of FRP flap door

Oct 13, 2019

FRP beat door installation can be used in the following ways: flange connection, concrete pouring. The allowable deviation between the center of the FRP door and the center of the runner should not be greater than 3. 0 mm there should be 400 mm installation space around the FRP door, and a 1:5 slope should be made below the exit of the FRP door.

FRP flap door

Fittings installed on fiberglass doors: bolts or expansion wires are made of stainless steel or anticorrosive carbon steel; seals are made of rubber or rubber gaskets. Installation requirements of FRP flange connection FRP flange door can be divided into three types: wing ring pipe flange connection bolt flange connection and expansion screw flange connection.

The flapping door of FRP composite door structure is suitable for overflow and check in all kinds of pipes and canals in water supply and drainage and sewage treatment engineering. Mainly used for pipeline pressure loss requirements are not high, generally installed directly in the outlet end of the pump, high impact resistance.

FRP flap door1

1. Use: pontoon door is a new type of door based on the improvement of the door, which absorbs the advantages of spherical shell and pontoon door. The tapping door is a kind of one-way valve installed at the outlet of the drainage pipe by the river. When the tidal level of the river is higher than the outlet and the pressure is greater than the pressure in the pipe, the door panel closes automatically to prevent the river tide from pouring back into the drainage pipe. It is mainly installed at the end of the drainage pipe to prevent the backfilling of external water. It is suitable for water conservancy system, municipal sewage, urban flood control and drainage, sewage treatment plant, waterworks and so on.

Second, the main characteristics 1, with simple structure, good sealing. 2. The structure is light, the running resistance and the impact force of closed door are small. 3. The floating weight in the water is small and the opening angle is large

FRP flap door2