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Installation method of Antistatic Insulation FRP Grid fence guardrail

Oct 13, 2019

The main function of FRP grille fence is to play the role of safety protection, which is a frame structure based on FRP square tube or circular tube, and uses FRP grille as the main protective surface.The parts are then connected together using various connectors.

I. characteristics of FRP grille fence.

Compared with metal guardrail, FRP grille guardrail has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life. Light weight, high strength, even if the limit of self-impact resistance, there will be no irreducible deformation or damage. A variety of colors, there are green, yellow, gray and so on, because the weight is light, so it is very convenient to install or cut. The performance is comprehensive and the economic benefit is high.

FRP Grid fence guardrail

II. Assembly of fiberglass grille fence and guardrail.
The 604.7 square tube is used as the column, the 504 square tube is used as the rung, the 504 square tube is pierced in the 604.7 square tube, the FRP latch is used, and the FRP grille is used as the main protective surface.
III. Installation of fiberglass grille fence.
There are three forms of installation of posts:
1. Fixed on the side of the foundation by expansion bolt;
2. Set up a reserved hole in the corresponding part of the foundation, insert the column during installation, and then fill it with cement mortar;
3. The iron plate is pre-embedded in the corresponding part of the foundation, on which the vertical iron plate is welded, and the column and the vertical iron plate are fixed by screws.

IV. Application range of FRP grille fence guardrail.

FRP Grid fence guardrail2

FRP grille guardrail products are widely used, not only in our city is more common. It is also widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, community, port, airport, warehousing and other fields. Specific uses include staircase guardrail, platform and walkway guardrail, pool side fence, chemical tank fence, lawn guardrail, factory guardrail, high-speed guardrail, highway guardrail, municipal guardrail, power equipment guardrail, oil field fence and so on.

The above is some introduction to the characteristics and scope of application of the FRP fence. The FRP grille guardrail has been widely used, and its figure can be seen in parks, roads and some enterprises. It can prevent Rain Water erosion, has a good performance, in many places will be applied.

FRP Grid fence guardrail3