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Installation method of windows and doors attached to plastic-wood composite doors and windows

Sep 12, 2019

With the development of construction technology, some non-standard problems in doors and windows are becoming more and more obvious, and the requirements for their installation are also increasing. These non-standard problems have affected the installation process and installation quality of doors and windows, such as leakage, deformation and so on. At present, a better solution is to install the frame. The role of the attached frame for doors and windows is to play a fixed size, positioning role, but the attached frame in the installation also has strict requirements, if in the installation, improper installation will bring security risks.

In recent years, plastic-wood composites have appeared in the domestic market. When the plastic-wood frame is installed in the construction, it will leave a hole in the place where the doors and windows are set up. In order to determine the size of the doors and windows and ensure the installation quality of the doors and windows, The enclosure is usually installed. After the attachment frame is installed, the indoor and outdoor decoration and the door and window hole closure can be carried out. Although the attachment frame is trapped in the wall after installation, it is not part of the door and window, it is separated from the door and window, and is carried out separately at the time of installation. After the attached frame is installed in the opening of the hole, it will leave a gap between the walls, and the poor sealing of the gap will cause the leakage of the building wall, so the sealing effect of this gap is the key to the installation and construction.
Frame installation method.
The attached frame should pay attention to the method when installing, otherwise the improper installation will have the problems of infiltration, unsealing and affecting the quality of doors and windows.
1 attached frame requirements must be processed in the factory, and according to the design size of the drawing for production and assembly; 
2  the installation of the attached frame should be carried out before the indoor painting or outdoor painting is completed;
3 before the attachment frame is installed, the size of the door and window opening and the size of the attachment frame should be checked to see if it is suitable, and if it is not suitable, it should be changed in time;
4 after temporarily fixing the periphery of the attached frame with a wooden wedge, the horizontal degree, verticality, entry and exit position of the attached frame should be adjusted and meet the dimensional deviation requirements of the relevant regulations. Yoo-chow.
Key points of Waterproof for frame installation.
If the gap between the attached frame and the wall is not handled properly, the sealing of the building wall is not good, and it is easy to leak. Therefore, attention should be paid to the key points of gap waterproofing. First of all, it is necessary to reasonably select the structural form of the attached frame, the structural form of which is high and low in the outside, high in the outside and consistent in the outside, and it is necessary to ensure the choice of the structure form with the same height inside and outside. Otherwise, either the structural form is unreasonable, resulting in the seal failure between the doors and windows and the attached frame, or make Rain Water flow into the attached frame, and then infiltrate into the room. Secondly, it is necessary to reasonably select the connection between the frame and the wall, improper selection is easy to produce cracks, and this gap will increase with the change of temperature. For the wide attachment frame, the connection with the wall can be connected by expansion bolts, and the narrow attachment frame can be connected by shooting nail. At the same time, when connecting with the wall, try to avoid the side effects of bending or deformation of the attached frame. Finally, the problem of gap filling, although the reasonable choice of the structure of the frame and the connection between the frame and the wall, but there will still be gaps between the frame and the opening, so it is necessary to select the filling material. Usually choose to fill styrofoam, and then seal the gap with sealant, this way can not only effectively seal but also waterproof. Only by doing a good job of the above three aspects, can the attached frame play the role of waterproof seal after installation. No, no.
Nowadays, there are few codes for frame installation in our country, so we can only do a good job in the installation requirements and waterproof points of the frame according to the existing specifications and engineering experience. The selection of frame materials is also a matter of concern. The physical properties of plastic-wood composites make them have many advantages in the construction industry. Although there are still many unsolved problems, there is no doubt about the environmental benefits. Therefore, as a new type of frame, the development prospect of plastic wood frame is huge.