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Insulated safety fence

Oct 13, 2019

Safety fence name: insulation safety fence.
Safety fence category: insulation safety fence.
Safety fence material: epoxy resin insulated pipe / FRP pipe.
Safety fence specification: 1.2 × 2.5m high (other specifications can be customized).
Safety fence color: red and white.

Insulated safety fence.

Safety fence performance and characteristics: high-strength insulation material production; red and yellow, eye-catching color, warning effect; pole seat integrated, safe and stable, good protection effect, easy to use.
Safety fence use: the installation of safety fence is one of the technical measures to ensure the safety of field workers, mainly used in power plant, substation electrical equipment maintenance, electrical experiment, distribution maintenance and so on.
Similar products: stainless steel telescopic fence, alarm stainless steel telescopic fence, fully insulated telescopic fence (flake), fully insulated telescopic fence (tubular rotatable), FRP safety fence (flake), Combined guardrail (of iron), warning belt fence, portable safety fence, etc.
Note: it can be customized according to customer requirements.
Installation requirements for FRP tubular insulated safety fences.
For working on outdoor live equipment, fences should be installed around the workplace, and an appropriate number of "stops, high pressure hazards" should be hung on the fences! "the signboard shall be directed towards the staff member. If you work on indoor high-pressure equipment, you should install a fence on both sides of the maintenance equipment, on the cabinet doors of other operating equipment, on the prohibited aisle, and hang "stop, high pressure danger!" The sign, installation must be standardized, it is strictly forbidden to pull random.
Advantages of FRP tubular insulation safety fences:
1. The problems of heating and high induced voltage caused by electromagnetic induction of metal guardrail under high electric magnetic field can be avoided, and the equipment of substation will not be damaged, and the personnel of operation and maintenance will be prevented from electric shock.
2, good weather resistance, in the hot and humid state does not occur oxidation corrosion, does not fade, does not need to brush paint to protect, does not need daily care, is not afraid of lightning strike.
3. Corrosion resistance, which is not affected by the long-term action of 10% sulfuric acid, 20% nitric acid and 50% acetic acid.
4. The impact resistance is easy to recover, and the elasticity after impact is large, which can be restored to the original shape, tensile and bending strength above 600pa, and the fatigue resistance is 50 times higher than that of steel.