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what is Marine resin products?

Oct 29, 2018


1.Market application of Marine resins

According to the statistics of China composite industry association, the total amount of resin used in this field in China is about 35,000 tons/year






2.Introduction of ship molding process

There are mainly three types of glass fiber boat molding process


1)Hand lay-up

Hand pasting is a process of laying fiber reinforced materials and resin glue solution on the mold by hand. After curing at room temperature and pressure, the composite products can be obtained by stripping.

Hand pasting is one of the earliest and simplest composite production methods, which plays an important role in the composite production process




Typical application cases of hand paste process

1. A GFRP boat company in jiangsu uses NEWECO 9365APT resin and adopts manual paste process, mainly producing small and medium-sized yachts.

2. A shipyard in jiangsu province, which uses NEWECO 1189 resin and adopts hand paste technology, mainly produces small yacht.



Spray molding is a semi-mechanized molding process, which is a shortcut method based on the improvement of hand paste molding.Injection molding is mainly used to manufacture automobile body, ship body, bathtub, hood, pipe and other large products.

Spray molding refers to the spraying of unsaturated polyester resin mixed with accelerant and initiator separately from both sides of the spray gun (or mixed in the spray gun). Meanwhile, the glass fiber roving is cut off by the cutting machine and ejected from the center of the spray gun, and uniformly deposited on the mold with the resin.To be deposited to a certain thickness, with hand roller rolling, so that the fiber impregnated resin, compaction and removal of air bubbles, and finally solidified into products of the process



Typical application of injection process to customers

1. A FRP ship company in hubei province, which uses NEWECO 9365PT resin and adopts jet technology, mainly produces speedboat.

2. A yacht factory in chongqing, which uses NEWECO 9365PT resin and adopts jet technology, mainly produces yachts.

3. In a shipyard of hainan, NEWECO 9365PT resin is used and injection technology is adopted to mainly produce fishing boats.


3)Vacuum Infusion Process

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is a method of die forming process for its basic process, through measuring equipment, respectively from the resin reserve tank of liquid unsaturated polyester resin and curing agent, the static mixer mixing, the injection advance covered by glass fiber reinforced materials of sealing mode, after curing, demoulding and finishing products.




With the continuous improvement of vacuum introduction process, the reduction of raw material cost and the increasing social demand, FRP shipbuilding will gradually transition to mechanical molding, and the vacuum introduction process will be widely applied in more factories.


Typical application cases of vacuum import process

1. A GFRP boat company in jiangsu province, which uses NEWECO 9365P resin and adopts vacuum introduction process, mainly produces sports boat racing.

2. A shipyard in hebei province, which uses NEWECO 9365P resin and adopts vacuum introduction process, mainly produces medium and large yachts.


Certification and application for Marine resins

Most domestic pleasure boats, recreational boats, inland river patrol boats and so on only need to be certified by China classification society (CCS), and exported lifeboats and lifeboats need to have corresponding foreign ship inspection certificates.



3.Introduction to Marine resin

NEWECO of Marine resin variety more complete

Type:Orthophthalic type,Promoted,Waxy,Thixotropy type

 Application:Hand lay-up,Spray,Vacuum Infusion 


NEWECO resin instruction

Resin Modle No.TypeApplication TechnologyCertificate And Waters
1189Orthophthalic typeHand lay-upCCS,Inland ship
1189POrthophthalic,Promoted,Waxy typeHand lay-upCCS,Inland ship
9365Orthophthalic typeHand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship
9365POrthophthalic,Promoted typeVacuum InfusionCCS,Inland and ocean ship
9365PTOrthophthalic,Promoted, Thixotropy typeSpray/Hand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship
2085PTOrthophthalic,Promoted, Thixotropy typeSpray/Hand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship
2094PTIso-phthalic,Promoted, Thixotropy typeSpray/Hand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship
4602Epoxy vinyl ester typeHand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship
4602PTEpoxy vinyl ester,Promoted, Thixotropy typeHand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship
4803AOrthophthalic,Reactive flame retardant,Promoted,Waxy ,Thixotropy typeHand lay-upCCS,Inland and ocean ship



Water sports facilities, etcoverall
Small river boat, etcship's hull
Inland traffic boat,patrol boats,Official boat,etcship's hullship's hull
Inland luxury yacht,Marine boat,etcStructural layerStructural layerProtective layerProtective layer
FRP liftboatsship's hull