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It turns out that resin is the best material for avant-garde design

May 26, 2020


Studio Sabine Marcelis from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, focuses on product and device design. They have worked with OMA, Brit Van Nerven, Max Lipsey and participated in various design weeks around the world.

They are famous for the use of resin materials, and can incorporate a unique architectural beauty in various things, and the design contains various avant-garde concepts. Resin, a material with transparency, patterns, and hard properties, is their favorite.

Today I selected 7 of their many works to share with you.

imageThe most beautiful rotating dinner plate

                                                    The most beautiful rotating dinner plate

The rotating glass dinner plate that appeared on the Chinese table in the market has become a beautiful existence created with resin materials. The light translucent material and the disc with beautiful patterns form a very unique beauty.



Totem lights

                              Effects that only resin products have


The designer's fascination with resin materials can be seen in this work. Using a sculptural form and a totem-like shape, several stacked translucent resin volumes are combined into a light fixture. The neon lights are inserted into the voids of the sculpture, allowing the lights to reflect and refract in the plane and inside of the resin, forming a unique visual experience.


Canvas Peekaboo


The designer "frozen" Fendi's classic Peekaboo handbag in a resin block. In this way, which is called "artistic behavior", it shows the functionality and durability of this classic handbag.