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Low shrinkage agent for molding resin

Feb 22, 2019

Low shrinkage agent for molding resin

As the name suggests, the resin with low shrinkage resin is mainly used for molding resin with low shrinkage agent.Below we will start from its common characteristics for you to introduce.


Characteristics: low shrinkage resin with high toughness, low shrinkage, effectively prevent SMC products microcracks and other characteristics.

Second, the molding resin with low shrinkage agent on the curing of unsaturated polyester resin has a certain delay, but also can be better to reduce the unsaturated polyester resin curing shrinkage.

Third, as a thermoplastic material, low shrinkage agent is a non-reactive additive to unsaturated polyester resin.It can be dissolved in styrene or a mixture of resins to form a stable fractional phase, which is incompatible with the cured and cured resins.

The above three points are the common characteristics of this kind of low shrinkage agent.I believe that in this introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of them.If you have this need, please also timely contact us.

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