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Low toxicity, low smoke, flame retardant, unsaturated polyester resin

Feb 23, 2019

(1) Development Profile PPG Company of the United States began to sell the Envirez series of low-toxic, low-smoke, flame-retardant resins.

    (2) Synthetic raw materials, glycol, tetrabromophthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride

    (3) The method comprises the following steps: preparing a diol, a diol, a tetrabromophthalic anhydride and a maleic anhydride by polycondensation at a certain ratio to obtain the above structural resin, and then adding a crosslinking agent (acrylate) and a polymerization inhibitor, After mixing, a flame retardant (hydrated alumina, cerium oxide, iron acetate, etc.) is added to obtain a product.

    (4) Physicochemical properties The addition of certain inorganic flame retardants can promote the formation of carbon during the combustion process, thereby reducing the generation and toxicity of smoke, so that the flame retardant unsaturated polyester resin has low toxicity and low incidence. Smokey. The ignition time is 90S, and the smokyness is 3000 soot/(m2.min).

    (5) Molding processing The same as the ordinary unsaturated polyester resin FRP molding method, either a hand lay-up method or a dipping method or a spray method may be used.

    (6) Use It is widely used in chemical equipment parts and building materials. It can also be used in moldings and coatings. Its price is higher than general purpose resin