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Low toxicity, low smoke resistance unsaturated polyester resin

Jan 29, 2019

Low toxicity, low smoke resistance unsaturated polyester resin

(1)PPG began selling Envirez series, a low-toxicity, low-smoke, non-flammable resin.

(2) synthesis of raw materials dibasic alcohol, tetrabromo-phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride.

(3) preparation of dihydric alcohol, dihydric alcohol, tetrabromo-phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride, according to a certain proportion of condensation polymerization of the structure of the resin, and then add crosslinking agent (acrylate) and polymerization inhibitor, after mixing and then add flame retardant (hydrated aluminum oxide, antimony oxide, iron acetate, etc.) to get the product.

(4) physical and chemical properties due to the addition of some inorganic flame retardants, in the combustion process can promote the formation of carbon, thus reducing the generation of smoke and toxicity, so that the flammable unsaturated polyester resin has low toxicity, low smoke.2. Igniting time 90S, smoking capacity is 3000 b. min/(m 2 min).

(5) the molding process and the ordinary unsaturated polyester resin FRP molding method is the same, both can use hand paste method, can also use dip or spray method.

(6) widely used in chemical equipment parts and building materials.Also can be used for molding and coating.Its price is higher than general purpose resin.


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