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Marble glue use environment & impact

Feb 18, 2019

Marble glue use environment
1. Do not put the remaining glue after mixing back into the tank.

2. Place in a cool place and keep the closed lid.

3. It is not advisable to work in a humid place, pay attention to ventilation, and excessive air humidity will cause the surface of the gel to stick.
4. The construction temperature can not be lower than minus 10 degrees Celsius and higher than 40 degrees Celsius. The products are divided into winter formula and summer formula.
5. The amount of hardener added exceeds 4%, which may cause discoloration of the colloid and reduce the bonding performance;
6. Temperature in the construction environment (<5 degrees Celsius)
7. Bonded stone should not be exposed to frequent humidity and frost.
8. Can not move after the glue is over, you can wait until the marble glue solidifies before moving, otherwise it will cause the bond to be weak.

Environmental impact

Stone-stone shear strength (Mpa)
A ------------- ----------------------------------------under standard status
B------------------------------------------------- ------168 hours in an environment of 80 ° C
C------------------------------------------------- -------168 hours in water at 25 ° C
D------------------------------------------------- -------168 hours in lye (pH=13.2)
E------------------------------------------------- ---------Soak for 168 hours in 10% alkali acid solution
F---- -------------------------------------------------- ---Freeze and thaw 50


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