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Matters needing attention in quartz stone table processing

Jun 04, 2020

The installation of quartz stone countertops is an important part of the manufacture of quartz stone countertops, which directly affects the overall quality and service life of the cabinets. Inappropriate devices will not only affect the appearance of the countertops, but also cause the root cause of cracks and other after-sales questions.

In order to ensure the quality of the installation on the countertop, before installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1. When planning plane splicing, the most important thing to note is the physical properties of quartz stone, to avoid the result of joint cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction or stress concentration, when selecting the splicing orientation, it is necessary to fully consider the force of the plate effect. Avoid splicing at corners or furnace openings.

2. When planning the corner of the table, stress concentration should be fully considered to form a crack at the corner of the table. Therefore, all corners should be adhered to the arc angle with a radius of more than 2.5 cm during processing.

3. When planning the opening of the cooktop, the opening of the countertop should be greater than or equal to 8 cm from the edge of the countertop to avoid cracking of the countertop. When opening the stovetop, use a cutting machine or jig saw to open the hole, and then Use a gong machine or a hand grinder to grind and trim the edges to achieve a lubricating effect. The radius of the four corners is basically uniform. Due to the opening of the jig saw and cutting machine, there is a saw tooth mark on the edge of the cut hole until there are cracks left. Cracked.

4. The corners of the openings should adhere to rounded corners with a radius of more than 2.5 cm. It is necessary to use the homogeneous plate plates for reinforcement at the four corners. There must be a certain space between the stove and the countertop, and the space distance is 0.4-0.6 cm. , Heat insulation cloth and tin-platinum paper are added near the opening as heat insulation protection method.

5. When planning the table top, the constraints of the stairs, elevators, doors and other transportation channels on the size of the table top should be taken into consideration. The on-site seams should meet the seam requests mentioned above.