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Mechanical properties of resin for FRP storage tank

Mar 16, 2019

Mechanical properties of resin for FRP storage tank

1. Stiffness of resin-based composite materials for FRP storage tanks

The stiffness characteristics of the resin-based composite are determined by the nature of the constituent materials, the orientation of the reinforcing materials, and the volume fraction occupied. The mechanical study of resin-based composites shows that for macroscopically uniform resin-based composites, the elastic property compounding is a mixing effect, which is manifested in various forms of mixing law, which is the average of the stiffness of the component materials in a certain sense. Interface defects are not obvious to it.
Due to the influence of manufacturing process and random factors, various inhomogeneities and discontinuities are inevitable in the actual composite materials. Residual stress, voids, cracks, imperfect interface, etc. will affect the elastic properties of the material. In addition, the shape, regularity, and uniformity of the fibers (particles) also affect the elastic properties of the material. In general, however, the stiffness of the resin-based composite is a macroscopic reflection of the stability of the phase material.
For the laminated structure of the resin-based composite material, coupling deformation may occur based on different materials and properties of the single layer and the direction of the layup, which makes the stiffness analysis complicated. On the other hand, it is also possible to design the elastic constants (including elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio) of the single layer, and then select the layering direction, the number of layers and the order to design the stiffness of the laminated structure to adapt to the application of different occasions. Claim.

2. Strength of resin-based composite materials for FRP storage tanks

The strength of the material is first associated with damage. The destruction of resin-based composites is a dynamic process with complex failure modes. The mechanism of the performance of each component on the damage, the impact of various defects on the strength, have been specifically studied in depth.
The composite of the strength of the resin-based composite is a synergistic effect, which derives its strength properties from the properties of the component materials and the mesostructure of the resin-based composite itself. For the simple case, the meso-mechanical study of the strength and failure of the unidirectional resin-based composite is not mature enough.
The axial tensile and compressive strengths of the unidirectional resin-based composite materials for FRP storage tanks are different, and the axial compression problem is more complicated than the tensile problem. The mechanism of failure is also different from stretching, which is accompanied by local buckling of the fibers in the matrix. It is found that the unidirectional resin-based composite material is shear-destroyed under axial compression; the failure mode of Kevlar fiber is kinking; the glass fiber is generally bent and damaged.

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