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Multi-functional additives promote the coating to achieve the final coating effect

Jun 02, 2020

       As the saying goes, three-point paint and seven-point paint. As a semi-finished product, every step is an important part from the production and sales to the final realization of the perfect effect of the coating film. For coating products to achieve a good coating effect, the requirements on raw materials are bound to be very high. The role of emulsions, resins, pigments, solvents, etc. as important raw materials need not be described in detail. A more important raw material, auxiliary, is not to be underestimated.

        The amount of paint additives used in paint raw materials is the smallest, and its effect on the final paint to achieve a beautiful and ideal coating film surface effect can not be underestimated. At the 2013 Paint Summit Forum, Ms. Wu Xuemei, General Manager of Huaxia Auxiliaries, made a very metaphor for the additives. She said: "I usually tell people who do not understand our industry to say that you think of the additives as you The cooking oil and soy sauce will do." From this sentence, we can easily see that the importance of paint additives in the production process of paint is irreplaceable.

        With the continuous enhancement of the integration trend of coatings and coatings, the functional requirements of additives for coating products are becoming higher and higher. Multi-functional additives with dispersant, defoamer and other functions stand out. The emergence of multi-functional additives can reduce the types of additives added to paints, and can achieve a more perfect paint film effect while reducing costs. For example, AMP-95 can be used as a multi-functional auxiliary agent for various types of latex paints. Using AMP-95 as a strong co-dispersant in the formulation can prevent the pigment from coagulating again. At the same time, the multifunctional additive AMP-95 contributes a significant advantage to all properties of the paint layer. Because AMP-95 is a multi-functional additive, it can reduce the cost and at the same time make the performance of the coating equal to or even exceed the coating without AMP-95.

       The quality of domestic paint additives is rapidly improving, and the price advantage is obvious

        In recent years, the types and quality of domestic auxiliary products in China have been continuously improved. Although there are still bottlenecks to be solved in some aspects, the overall market for auxiliary products is rising. The quality of domestic auxiliary products is no longer huge compared with foreign brands. The gap, Mr. Zhang Shiyuan, chairman of Jiangsu Runtai Chemical, said: Some products even exceed the quality of foreign brands. After investing tremendous energy in research and development, my country's auxiliary companies have obvious advantages in price while ensuring the quality of auxiliary products.

        Auxiliary product technology still has bottlenecks

        Although the additive products have been recognized by the market, the research and development of coating technology is endless. There are still many technical problems that need special research. For example, the additive products are not affected by the external environment such as temperature and humidity, and the product quality remains unchanged. It is still a problem that the additive industry needs to overcome. As an important raw material for coatings, the development of additive technology is still a long way off.

        Auxiliary products at home and abroad have promoted the overall development of the coating industry. In the future, the additives will develop more towards multifunctional additives. Using one additive can solve the problems in production without adding multiple additives. Agents to adjust the overall formula. We hope that professional technology will quickly succeed and promote a more rapid and healthy development of the coating industry.