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New vinyl for LSE technology

Oct 24, 2018

Styrene is an important raw material in UPR industry. Due to the double effects of dilution and cross-linking, styrene is still the most active monomer in unsaturated polyester resin at present, which usually accounts for 30% to 50% of the resin quality.However, the vapor pressure of styrene at room temperature is high and volatile.In the forming process of FRP, especially in the moulding process such as hand paste molding or spray molding, styrene is polluted to the environment due to a large amount of volatilization, which also affects the health of operators. Therefore, European and American countries have issued relevant laws and regulations to limit the volatilization of styrene in production and use.Therefore, how to effectively reduce styrene volatilization in unsaturated polyester resin system has attracted widespread attention from the government and the public.

The development of new forming technology and the development of new LSE(Low Styrene Emission) resin with Low Styrene Emission are important ways to reduce the volatility of Styrene during the forming process and to control the vapor concentration of Styrene in production site more economically and reliably.Especially the latter has become one of the key development directions of various manufacturers in recent years.

Table 1. Threshold chang Values Toxicity Threshold

Concentration of symptoms

100ppm 420 mg/m3 stimulates the cell mucosa, the eye and upper respiratory tract

200 PPM 840 mg/m3 stimulates the eye and nasal cavity, the central nervous system;Produce lethargy, nausea, uncoordinated action, and delayed time response

350 PPM 1488 mg/m3 significantly affects the central nervous system, resulting in uncoordinated action

Direct and intense irritation of the eye and upper airway at 600-800 PPM 2520-3360 g/m3

Neweco High Polymer Material Co., Ltd. based on many years of technology development, the new launch of a new type of LSE technology of vinyl ester resin, the technology on the basis of the use of synthetic resin technology, the introduction of specific functional groups, can resist partly the volatilization of styrene, at the same time, reduce the content of styrene, and the compound LSE technology of some commonly used to reduce the content of styrene and volatile.Shanghai morning chemical co., LTD. Application of the technology of resin for all aspects of the test and evaluation, the dosage of the styrene content can reach 10%, and characterization of various physical and chemical properties, including mechanical properties, bonding strength between the layers, curing characteristics, storage stability and other aspects were tested, without loss of performance, the volatility of styrene under the condition of static test, than the original general vinyl resin styrene volatilization amount reduced 10 times.We also tested styrene volatilization of resin by gas chromatograph.

The application of LSE technology to improve the process operability of vinyl ester resin can largely improve the environmental adaptability of the resin, especially the requirements of injection technology and operation in closed environment, including the repair of unexcavated pipelines and the production of dual-wall tanks.


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