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Neweco's white fish belly, the ultimate sense of quartz stone.

May 18, 2020

These four colors can control any decoration style without a specific style. However, these four colors of quartz stone slabs, with their own cold wind and domineering large patterns, can bring us the ultimate sense of luxury.


1  ▎ Extreme Black

Polar Black NO.1

The inherent domineering and charm is the embodiment of the ultimate beauty of high-level sense. The extreme black, with a low-key thick, lightning pattern, seems to contain a vast and distant atmosphere, giving birth to a sense of luxury and magnificence, but it will not bring extreme coldness and mystery.

Polar Black NO.2

The rhythmic lines, combined with the ultimate black, remove the dullness of the dark. With a strong personal style, not only the countertops, the black of the large patterned quartz stone, and the embellishment of bright colors, the space is instantly injected with fresh vitality, and unexpected effects can be produced inadvertently.

2  ▎ Atmospheric White


Rock White NO.1

The versatile white can be gentle or pure and elegant, and it can also allow us to be free and empty, allowing people to have an ethereal and peaceful feeling. However, the atmosphere is white, it should be the quartz stone slab that has obtained the domineering crack, giving the space a luxurious luxury.

Rock White NO.2

Not in the extreme, the white quartz slate with atmospheric patterns brings more possibilities for white homes, not monotonous, not pure, not too cold and not too soft. It represents a just modern minimalist style.

3  ▎  Premium Gray

Sandstone gray NO.1

High-grade gray, the favorite of fashion masters, it declares style and spreads the sense of design. The large-pattern sandstone gray, with great tension, and any decoration style, can bring elegant and gentle visual enjoyment, and use art to interpret the amazing quality of life.

Sandstone gray NO.2

Wandering between black and white, there is no ultimate visual impact, but it brings a touch of delicate tenderness. Sandstone gray, in a calm space, exhibits a unique artistic skin, unlike the dullness of simple tones, but the large patterns will not be complicated, and the warm and cold colors are complementary.