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Polyurethane pultrusion material.

Sep 07, 2019

With the mastery and improvement of the forming technology and technology of polyurethane and fiber composite, polyurethane, as a new substitute material, has entered the field of composite materials dominated by unsaturated resin and epoxy resin for a long time. And gradually play its unique advantages.

In recent years, polyurethane composites have developed non-foaming high and new technologies such as pultrusion, winding, vacuum and pouring, and their application fields have been gradually recognized by the market. Nowadays, it has been extended to innovative applications such as window frame, cable bridge, telephone pole crosspole, container floor and so on.

Application of Polyurethane pultrusion material in window frame

Application of Polyurethane pultrusion material in window frame.

Innovation in application field.

"Polyurethane pultrusion material is a kind of polymer composite with high strength, high modulus and light weight, which is produced by continuous pultrusion process with high hardness polyurethane elastomer as matrix material and glass fiber as reinforcement material." Its application field has expanded from the original bathtub to surfing, skateboarding, to today's window frame, container floor and other innovative applications.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Compared with other resins, polyurethane pultrusion materials not only greatly increase the physical properties of products, such as strength, waterproof, rust and corrosion resistance, but also greatly reduce the weight of products and reduce the cost of production, transportation, installation and maintenance. As far as cable tray is concerned, the cost of raw materials (resin, glass fiber) can be reduced by 8% to 10% only from the point of view of weight loss. At the same time, due to the automation of equipment, the performance of materials can be improved. The pultrusion speed can reach more than 1 m / min, and its production efficiency is equivalent to double.

Environmental protection, pay attention to health.

What is more gratifying to us is that the construction environment has been effectively improved and improved. Polyurethane resin does not contain volatiles such as styrene, and there is no irritating smell in the production site, which minimizes the impact on the environment and the health of workers. Multiple advantages make polyurethane composites a new optimization for downstream applications.