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Progress of water-based polyurethane modified alkyd resin coating

Jun 02, 2020

   Technical ways to realize water dilutability of urethane oleoresin and its coatings and urethane oil-acrylic acid micro-hybrid polymerization process focused on the latter's formulation composition, hybrid polymerization process, and hybrid product energy evaluation

   Polyurethane coating is a kind of coating with excellent comprehensive performance. It is the mainstream product in the coating industry. It is widely used in various industrial fields and the defense military industry. Since the beginning of the new century, environmentally friendly polyurethane coatings represented by waterborne polyurethane have made great progress. There are many monographs and monographs published, introducing and discussing new technologies and new varieties of environmentally friendly polyurethane coatings from different angles. People hope to introduce the excellent properties of polyurethane into alkyd resin, and use it to improve the physical and mechanical properties, weather resistance and chemical resistance of alkyd resin. In fact, a type of coating with large output and performance between solvent-based alkyd and two-component polyurethane has been formed, which is generally called urethane oil or one-component polyurethane coating. It has good cost performance, simple construction and increasing usage. Due to the stricter environmental regulations restricting the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) of paints, the water-based coatings of this type have also made great progress.