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Putty resin for the dominant characteristics of the way

Jan 25, 2019

Putty resin for the dominant characteristics of the way


Due to the continuous development of the automobile industry in China, the automobile skin adopts the die to press the body flatness to continuously improve, the amount of putty is greatly reduced, from the previous full scraping putty to local use of putty to fill the leveling, most of the body is in the primer painting in the paint or finish.

In view of the above problems, a kind of putty for automotive special purpose without affecting the adhesion was successfully developed.Even if the primer is contaminated by polishing, it can be simply blown off without affecting the adhesion.This kind of putty solves a difficult problem of coating in automobile manufacturing industry.The putty has been used in several car factories for two years and is working well.

Putty has the following characteristics:

1.Dry can normal temperature from dry, also can be high temperature 130-170 ℃ drying, good physical properties after high temperature baking, impact flexibility is good.

2. Easy to polish the body smooth and smooth.

3. No matter dry or wet grinding, just wipe the dust with gauze, or blow away the dust with air, you can spray the paint or topcoat, the adhesion of the place without putty is good.

4. Good resistance to baking can be toasted many times in 130-170 ℃ don't collapse.

5. Good adhesion on electrophoretic paint self-drying or drying at room temperature good adhesion.

The adhesion of the place with putty is very good, but the place without putty, because of the pollution of putty grinding dust, to completely remove dust, the site is not easy to do, resulting in poor adhesion between the coating and electrophoretic paint.The putty for the automotive industry, buses, minibuses, bread, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles, cars and other USES.


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