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Resin is the most avant-garde design material

May 27, 2020

After the appearance of the resin material "the wood can't be carved", it's time to change it 

Scattered, leftover wood is basically discarded as garbage.

However, this happens to be the best combination of resin materials. The combination of rotten wood and resin is actually not a new idea. The combination of nature's beeswax and various materials is a typical example.

After the emergence of resin materials, the rarity has been popularized, combined with modern ideas, it provides more changes, which is very interesting


Traditional resin

It is an amorphous organic substance obtained from animal and plant secretions in nature, such as rosin, amber, shellac, etc.

Modern resin pass;

Usually refers to the softening or melting range after heating, and there is a tendency to flow under the action of external forces during softening. At room temperature, it is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes it can be a liquid organic polymer. Waste wood is often treated as waste. This is a waste of resources. In fact, dead wood can also be reborn. When it comes to wild resin. Combining modern art expressions, natural tree textures and expressive resin, it outlines a warm and delicate landscape, which is not necessarily immortal.


The biggest feature of the material in combination with the resin is that no matter what form it exists, the resin can make up for it flexibly and become the established form you want. A very unique existence, it is not just a choice of materials, but the beginning of a system design. Each resin artwork is unique and cannot be copied;

Resin table

The fusion of resin materials and wood, the design contains the avant-garde concept. Resin, a material with transparency, pattern, and hard properties, each finished product can reflect a unique beauty. The durable and non-discoloring characteristics bring a long aftertaste.


By attaching transparency to the wood surface, the colorful epoxy resin can not only be used as a design element to decorate, but also make the wood surface smoother, and practical and durable, the color of the resin and the texture of the wood echo each other to form a strong visual impact.

Resin lamps

Using a sculptural beauty and a totem-like shape, the translucent resin volume is combined into a light fixture. The neon lights are inserted into the voids of the sculpture, allowing the lights to reflect and refract in the plane and inside of the resin, forming a unique visual experience.