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Science Tips-FRP Septic Tank

May 16, 2020

The characteristics and advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank:

1.Low-cost manufacturing

It adopts mechanization, batch production and integral molding production, with new materials, small volume and large effective volume.

2. save time and labor

Integral molding, light weight, high strength, fast and convenient installation.

3. Land saving

Landfill is installed underground to save land excavation area.

4.efficient processing

The sealing performance is good, and the feces can be treated efficiently, and the anaerobic decay effect is more than twice that of the traditional septic tank.

5. Environmental Protection

Adopt integral molding production, good sealing performance, not easy to leak, not easy to pollute the surface water, not easy to corrode the flowers and trees and other buildings around the septic tank. The high-level siphon is used in the pool, and the sedimentation and purification are repeated for many times.

6. Long service life

Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, resistant to aging, acid and alkali, with a service life of more than 50 years.

7. High compressive strength

The composite material of resin + glass fiber and the shape of a cylinder increase the compressive strength of traditional septic tank several times.

8. Low cost of use and maintenance

Buried, no power, no post-maintenance required, long slag cleaning cycle.

Fiberglass septic tank

Glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks are mainly used for the purification of domestic sewage in urban residential quarters and office areas. At present, the government is also vigorously promoting the use of rural toilet renovation projects, and the market scale is huge.