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Several methods for slowing the burning speed of polyester resin

Feb 25, 2019

The self-extinguishing property of the unsaturated polyester resin can be subjected to various methods, such as chemical modification, which is called reactive self-extinguishing polyester, and physical-mechanical mixing method, which is called additive self-extinguishing polyester. . . . . Wait. Adding type and reaction type self-extinguishing polyester resin have their own shortcomings, and the added type is not easy to be used, the method is simple and easy, and the problem is solved quickly. The disadvantage is that when the flame retardant is added, it will greatly The light-transmissive property of the FRP or the cast product is reduced, and the reactive self-extinguishing polyester substantially overcomes the above disadvantages, but the manufacturing process is complicated and the cost is high. Several methods are now described as follows:

    1. Adding inorganic fillers, in order to prevent the generation of a large amount of harmful gases when the polyester resin is burned, it is required to minimize the amount of smoke. Therefore, the flame retardants containing inorganic compounds such as halogens and antimony trioxide achieve self-extinguishing polyesters, and tend to add non-toxic inorganic flame retardant additives, especially hydrated alumina or borate. .

    2, the addition of organic flame retardants, chlorinated paraffin (65 ~ 70% chlorine content) widely used flame retardant. The chlorine content of 40% or 45-50% can be used as a flame retardant plasticizer, and it is better to mix with antimony trioxide.

    Hexabromobenzene containing 86% bromine has good thermal stability and is a white crystalline powder. It is mixed according to the formula and has good flame retardancy.