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Stone resin production process:

Jul 12, 2018

Stone resin production process:

1. Add various appropriate amounts of excipients to the epoxy resin in a certain order (if the operating temperature is low, the epoxy resin can be heated to the appropriate viscosity range first, which is convenient for operation.), after stirring evenly, let stand for 5 minutes. The bubbles generated during the agitation disappear and are ready for use.

2. Prepare the modified amine curing agent for use (note that it should be sealed and stored when not in use, avoid contact with air to prevent the surface of the cured product from being whitened by moisture).

3. Handle the mold and install the required accessories (this operation can be performed simultaneously with the 1 and 2 steps).

4. Mix the two materials prepared in advance according to the ratio provided by the manufacturer (the auxiliary materials added in the epoxy resin can be neglected - refer to the epoxy value) and slowly move from the inner wall side of the prepared mold to the end. The amount needed. Keep it level in an oven at a certain temperature or in a suitable curing environment.

5. After the curing is completed, the product is safely taken out from the mold.