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Structural analysis of petroleum resin

Jun 02, 2020

Structural model of chemical elements of petroleum resin:

Petroleum resin production applications are C9 petroleum resin and C5 petroleum resin.

C5 petroleum resin

C5 petroleum resin began to gradually replace natural resins due to its high peel adhesion strength, good fast adhesion, stable adhesion performance, moderate melt viscosity, good heat resistance, good compatibility with polymer matrix, and low price. Resin tackifier (rosin and terpene resin).

The characteristics of refined C5 petroleum resin in hot melt adhesive: good fluidity, can improve the wettability of the main material, good viscosity, and outstanding initial adhesion performance. Excellent aging resistance, light color, transparent, low odor, low volatile matter. In hot melt adhesives, ZC-1288D series can be used alone as a tackifying resin, or it can be mixed with other tackifying resins to improve certain characteristics of the hot melt adhesive.